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Photo Contest

Linda Pluth, Vice President - Program

One of our original club members, Ginger Herlihy, suggested that we have a photo contest. No, not necessarily photos of the perfect koi or your ‘almost’ Grand Champion. These would be photos about ponds, koi or water gardening with more of a human interest angle or unusual interaction, etc. (remember the picture of the bird feeding worms to a koi??). Maybe your grandchild, dog or pet has some quirky habits around your pond. Or maybe you‘re visiting another pond and see something unusual. In any case, the steering committee thought it was a good idea.

The photos (limit of 5 per entrant) would be submitted digitally to our Webmaster for the website with his requirements as follows: Picture file names: Simple file names are good. File names generated by most cameras are fine. File names should be unique. Don't use the file name for descriptions or captions. Avoid spaces and special characters. Letters and numbers are fine. Picture size: Use your camera‘s highest resolution. The Webmaster can reduce the size for the website but we need high resolution to enlarge the winner‘s photo for print publication and judging. Captions should not be part of the picture. Captions can be in the message part of the email. If you are sending more than one picture, captions should be on a list that associates each caption with its picture file name. Send email to humongous at logsin dot org.

The Webmaster will screen all photos (no naked pictures, please) to determine their suitability. They can be viewed on the website all year. If you submitted a photo but do not see it on the website, it was probably vetoed by the Webmaster for not following the above rules. Judging will be done by all members attending the November 2013 general meeting with the winner to be announced at the December 2013 Christmas Party. Judging should be based on content, artistic and technical merit. The winner will receive bragging rights, an enlarged and mounted photo on canvas of the winning picture and a $25 gift card. So put on your thinking caps, keep those batteries charged and take your camera with you wherever you go. You never know when an opportunity will present itself. Happy clicking!!