Sports betting is a hobby that is becoming very popular in today’s society. Many people enjoy the entertainment that it provides as well as the risk and the possibility to win big. Of all of the major sports that you can bet on the most popular one is probably football. Football betting is so popular in the United Kingdom during the football season that a lot of bookmakers have to hire additional help just to accommodate the amount of people wanting to place bets. There are tons of different UK football betting sites that you can find here. Here are some of the most popular.

Pinnacle Sports

If you are looking for a great bookmaker for football betting then you will definitely want to check out Pinnacle Sports. They offer their members an overall enjoyable experience. Not only they have UK football but they also offer a really great variety of other sports from martial arts all the way to cycling. The betting options that you can choose from include the NFL, NCAA, and Canadian football. The site is very inviting and easy to navigate so even those with little computer experience will be able to find their way around the site. Pinnacle Sports also offers quite a few different promotions to their bettors so you can score some really good deals. When it comes to withdrawals and deposits they offer several different options determined by what currency you open the account in.


When it comes to a quality and security Betfair definitely surpasses the standard quality of a betting site. At Betfair you can place your own odds and someone from the other side will match you up. Their site is very easy to use and navigate and also comes with some instructions if you are having any issues finding something. Their football selection is amazing and they have a lot of different options to choose from. The list of different games is endless. Their awesome selection is probably one of the many reasons that they are such a popular betting site. They strive to keep their bettors happy, and that is something that they do a great job at.


Ladbrokes is a UK betting site that has a great quality from the start of your experience with them all the way to the end. Their site is very inviting and is pretty simple to navigate through. It provides a great experience for the bettors and keeps them coming back for more. Ladbrokes also offers a live in-game betting option that many players seem to enjoy. They offer several different bonus incentives that keep the players happy and trying to reach certain milestones in order to be rewarded with the incentives. There are quite a few different options for football betting so there is guaranteed to be at least one option for everyone to have fun.